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  • Marsh Gets into Blockchain

    Marsh Gets into Blockchain, largest open source blockchain initiative with more than 400 member companies. The EEA seeks to create open industry standards and frameworks for blockchain applications based on the core Ethereum, in leading and driving the adoption of blockchain applications. "We see the potential of blockchain, -grade blockchain technology." Marsh also recently joined The Institutes RiskBlock™ Alliance, a risk management and insurance industry enterprise-level blockchain consortium that seeks to leverage
  • Blockchain: Accessing Its Value

    Blockchain: Accessing Its Value, Current blog posts and business journals contain active discussions on blockchain concepts, for business leaders due to an apparent lack of agreement on the impacts of the blockchain process and, more importantly, uncertainty about blockchain's complex association with bitcoin. Many perplexed readers may be inclined to ignore blockchain concepts or defer consideration until clearer information and evidence are available. However, disregarding blockchain rather than actively understanding
  • Blockchain Technology Emerging in the Insurance Industry

    Blockchain Technology Emerging in the Insurance Industry, that revolutionary distributed ledgers, based on blockchain technology, could fundamentally change their business and give Bermuda a leading role in a rapidly-evolving digital economy. While blockchain, and the various potential applications for insurance. So what is blockchain technology? In their July 2016 report, "Blockchain in insurance—opportunity or threat?," McKinsey & Company defines a blockchain, . As the Bitcoin backbone, blockchain was the first-ever solution to the double-spending problem that does
  • A Blockchain Prototype for the Captive Insurance Market

    A Blockchain Prototype for the Captive Insurance Market, Corporate & Specialty has successfully implemented a blockchain prototype for a global captive, international network in 210 countries and territories to fully comply with local regulations. Blockchain, —the captive's management, local subsidiaries, and the fronting insurer. Blockchain is a distributed ledger, on YouTube. "Our captive insurance blockchain prototype demonstrates that regular transactions, ." Previously, ART successfully tested blockchain technology when partnering up with Nephila Capital Limited
  • Captive Insurer Boards and Blockchain Technology

    Captive Insurer Boards and Blockchain Technology, insurer boards need to understand better is blockchain technology—the new distributed ledger, material it produces. NACD just released a new article titled "NACD Boardroom Guide to Blockchain, section deals with a high-level description of what blockchain technology is all about. The author, Jesse Rhodes, notes in the opening paragraph, as follows. Blockchain—perhaps the most well-known form, , Delaware became the first state to allow businesses incorporated there to use blockchain for record
  • Fitch: Insurance Industry Is Fertile Ground for Blockchain

    Fitch: Insurance Industry Is Fertile Ground for Blockchain, Fitch Ratings views blockchain as a potentially game-changing technology for the insurance industry, years. As such, Fitch does not see blockchain affecting insurer ratings over the short to intermediate term. Blockchain, also known as distributed ledger technology, is used in a decentralized, . Blockchain's transparency, security, and information storage capacity have recently attracted other industries to explore opportunities to leverage this technology. Blockchain Potential Benefits
  • Bermuda Committed to Blockchain and Digital Assets

    Bermuda Committed to Blockchain and Digital Assets, A group of Bermuda representatives recently participated in a series of media interviews and live broadcasts in New York. The discussions focused on emerging technologies as Bermuda works to position itself as the world's first regulated hub for blockchain business and digital assets. Bermuda Premier David Burt, National Security Minister Wayne Caines, Bermuda Business Development Agency (BDA, publicly held data to blockchain, and the government's intention to build an educational initiative
  • Blockchain Technology: Transforming Insurance in Real Time

    Blockchain Technology: Transforming Insurance in Real Time, piloted the first multinational, “smart contract”-based insurance policy using blockchain, a distributed ledger technology. The blockchain solution creates a new level of trust and transparency, —a blockchain framework and one of the Hyperledger projects hosted by The Linux Foundation. Working together, , “Our pilot proves blockchain has a powerful role to play in the future of insurance. Any technology, including blockchain, that can increase trust and transparency for an industry whose pillars
  • "CICR" Reports on Blockchain in Credit Insurance

    "CICR" Reports on Blockchain in Credit Insurance, The December issue of Captive Insurance Company Reports (CICR) begins with a discussion of blockchain in credit insurance. The same issue reveals captivating details on a variety of topics. Bruce Wright and Saren Goldner's explanation of Internal Revenue Service rules on the revocation of a section 953(d) election An introduction to Hanover Stone Partners' Strategic Captive Opportunity and Utilization Technique for measuring and reporting captive performance A discussion
  • "First" Insurance-Linked Securities Blockchain Transaction Completed

    "First" Insurance-Linked Securities Blockchain Transaction Completed, Dom Re IC, an insurance-linked securities (ILS) reinsurance transformer and incorporated cell of Solidum Re ICC (Guernsey), issued what it believes are the first notes digitized on a private blockchain. For the note issuance, ILSBlockchain filled the role of a traditional settlement system, global note, the blockchain permission grantor, and the blockchain sponsor. The investors, Are Insurance-Linked Securities?" and "Blockchain Technology: Transforming Insurance in Real Time."