IRMI Emmett J Vaughan Agribusiness Conference (AgriCon)

When and Where:
March 8–10, 2020
Sacramento, California
June 16–17, 2020
Richmond, Virginia
September 15–16, 2020
Des Moines, Iowa
Target Audience:
Agents, brokers, underwriters, and insurance buyers interested in gaining the expertise they need to properly insure the unique exposures of farms and agribusinesses. Earn or renew the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) certification.
Area of Interest:
Experienced agribusiness professionals and industry thought leaders share information focusing on trends and emerging risks in agribusiness and provide practical solutions and best practices to manage your most challenging risk management issues.
Start, complete, or renew the AFIS certification, the foremost continuing education program for specialists in the farm, ranch, and agribusiness insurance industry. With the AFIS certification behind your name, you are recognized as an expert on the insurance and risk management needs of agribusiness and farm operations.
Raise your career to the next level by cultivating your network of agribusiness risk professionals who can help you solve problems and succeed in your career. 
Size and Scope:
Number of Attendees:
Number of Booths:
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Three regional conferences focusing on risk management and insurance for farms, ranches, and other agribusinesses.

AgriCon offers a forum where agents, brokers, underwriters, and insurance buyers can gain the expertise they need to properly insure the unique exposures of farms and other agribusinesses while networking and sharing best practice ideas with peers in the industry. Participants can attend the classes leading to the Agribusiness and Farm Insurance Specialist (AFIS®) certification or attend breakout sessions for advanced knowledge and AFIS certification renewal.

This year's conference will feature new topics pertinent to today's ever-changing environment, full-day segments of the core curriculum for the AFIS certification, and a "Farmer’s Market" of short, interactive discussions of emerging issues that impact the agribusiness industry.

The first AgriCon of the year will take place in Sacramento, California, on March 9–10, and the second is scheduled for June 16–17 in Richmond, Virginia. The third AgriCon will be held in Des Moines, Iowa, September 15–16.

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