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The COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities and Implications for Captive Insurance

The COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities and Implications for Captive Insurance

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The COVID-19 Pandemic: Opportunities and Implications for Captive Insurance explores the challenges presented by today's business and economic upheaval, as well as the hardening insurance market, and what it means for the captive insurance industry.

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New CICA Webinar Series Delivers On-Demand Captive Insurance Education

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May 04, 2020

The Captive Insurance Companies Association (CICA) is launching a new webinar series that will feature more than 20 on-demand webinars covering a variety of timely captive insurance industry topics.

Through its domicile-neutral collaboration, CICA gathered more 100 captive insurance industry experts from around the world to address best practices, case studies, and the latest insights on captive insurance.

The 2020 webinar series, titled "Building on the Best," will provide more than 20 hours of education, with CICA rolling out 3 new webinars each week. Webinars include sessions developed by CICA's NEXTGen and Amplify Women committees, in which members will share tips on identifying career opportunities and addressing challenges to career growth.

The first three webinars in the CICA series are available this week and include "Welcome to the World of Captives," "Beyond Digital Transformation—Benefits of Blockchain Technology," and "How To Navigate a Small Captive Tax Case."

CICA said it is adding more webinars. Among the topics to be addressed in future webinars are as follows.

  • "Amplify Women—Highlighting the Successes and Challenges"
  • "Emerging Risks and Captives"
  • "How To Navigate the Excess and Reinsurance Market"
  • "You May Ask Yourself, How Did I Get Here? Interesting Career Paths for Insurance"
  • "Alternative Investments—Accounting, Regulation, and Managing Alternative Investments"
  • "Captive Strategies for Hardening Markets"
  • "Cell Captive Solutions"
  • "Culture Is the Key!"
  • "Non-Domiciliary State Taxation of Captives"
  • "Runoff and Exit Strategies for Captives"
  • "Captive Tax Update—The Only Constant Is Change"
  • "Continuously Building Your Captive: Best Practices and How To Fine-Tune Your Captive"
  • "Governance, Oversight, and the Role of the Captive Owner and Service Providers"
  • "Optimizing Captive Utilization"
  • "Risk Distribution in Small Captives"
  • "The Captive and RRG Affinity Model"

Pricing for the webinars is $150 per webinar for non-CICA members and $100 per webinar for CICA members with a discount coupon code. In addition, an all-access pass is available for $750 for the entire webinar series, with immediate access to all 20 webinars.

Registration and additional information about CICA's 2020 webinar series are available on CICA's website.

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