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Moving Your Captive Insurer to a Different Jurisdiction

Bruce Wright
December 19, 2019

A new Captive Thought Leader Video featuring Bruce Wright, partner at Eversheds Sutherland (US) LLP, titled "How To Move Your Captive Insurer to a Different Jurisdiction," has recently been added to the video library.

In "Why Move Your Captive Insurance Company to a Different Jurisdiction," Mr. Wright explains why an organization may want to move its captive to a different jurisdiction.

In this follow-up addressing the question of how to move your captive to a different jurisdiction, he explains that the most common mechanism for moving a captive insurance company to a different jurisdiction is through a merger. One way to accomplish a merger, if both jurisdictions allow, is with a redomestication, which is effectively a merger.

Organizations also do assumption reinsurance agreements, which are novations. In this type of transaction, the insured agrees to look only to the new insurer to collect on all of the liabilities where there is a reinsurance contract from the old insurer to the new insurer and where the insured releases the old insurer from any liability.

There is no cost to view the videos, and you will find them in the Captive Thought Leader Videos section of More videos will be added in the future.

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