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Bulletproofing Your Captive Insurance Company

Mark Sims
July 17, 2019

A new Captive Thought Leader Video featuring Mark Sims, vice president of business development for Captive Alternatives, LLC, titled "Best Practices for Bulletproofing Your Captive Insurance Company," has recently been added to the video library.  

According to Mr. Sims, best practices for bulletproofing a captive insurance company so that it meets the definition of an insurance company involve consideration of five criteria.

  • Risk sharing (shifting)
  • Risk distribution
  • Premium pricing
  • Policies
  • Claims

Risk shifting and risk distribution are critically important, and one way they may be achieved is through a reinsurance captive using what Captive Alternatives refers to as a funds withheld risk reserve model. Using this model, a captive owner may have a captive reinsurance company for years and its business may never have a claim, yet every year, its premium participates in all other participating captive owners' claims on a pro-rata share while meeting all of the "safe harbor" guidelines for risk sharing and risk distribution.   

Premium pricing and claims handling are also critically important. Captive Alternatives recommends a number of best practices to captive owners.

There is no cost to view the videos, and you will find them in the Captive Thought Leader Videos section of More videos will be added in the future.

(Mr. Sims is pictured above.)

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