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South Carolina Veteran Captive Regulator Moves to Private Sector

Jeff_Kehler_Photo SF
February 07, 2019

Jeff Kehler, the veteran captive program administrator for the South Carolina Department of Insurance, will retire at the end of February and join Somers Risk Consulting in Charleston as director of captive consulting services.

"This a great opportunity to return to the private sector," said Mr. Kehler, adding that the captive industry "is so innovative and dynamic that you cannot get bored in this field."

Mr. Kehler says that during his 14 years with the South Carolina Department of Insurance, helping to train and develop captive regulatory staffers and being involved in the revamping of the state's captive statute were among his most significant accomplishments.

For example, last year, South Carolina lawmakers passed legislation to allow captives, with the approval of state regulators, to make loans to their parent companies and affiliates as well as allow regulators to reduce capitalization requirements for inactive captives.

Those who have known Mr. Kehler say he has many talents, especially his long involvement in captive issues.

Mr. Kehler's "vast experience and knowledge in both the regulatory and commercial sectors will enhance and complement the strengths of our group and will enable us to add even more value to the services we provide," said Kathryn Marsh, managing director with Somers Risk Consulting.

"Jeff Kehler has been instrumental in the development and success of the South Carolina captive insurance industry. During his tenure at the Department of Insurance, South Carolina has established itself as a premier captive insurance domicile. While I will miss working with Jeff at the DOI, I’m excited he is staying in the industry to continue the promotion of captive insurance and South Carolina," said Megan Ogden, director of captive management at JLT Insurance Management in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

Others have noted that another one of Mr. Kehler's strengths has been easy accessibility.

Indeed, in an earlier interview with, Mr. Kehler noted the importance of regulatory accessibility. "We want to be accessible and easy to work with because our captive owners have made a major investment in our state. We want them to maximize the benefit of their captive company within the bounds of reasonable regulation," he said.

In addition, captive managers say Mr. Kehler's accomplishments extend beyond South Carolina.

"Jeff's contributions advanced not only South Carolina as a domicile but also the entire captive insurance industry. I know he will continue to advance the captive industry in his future endeavors," said Linda Danna, a senior vice president with Marsh Captive Solutions in Charleston.

Mr. Kehler's tenure as a top captive regulator coincided with the growth of South Carolina as one of the largest captive domiciles in the United States. Currently, South Carolina has 171 captives, up from just 118 in 2013.

Above photo of Mr. Kehler is provided by the South Carolina Department of Insurance.

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