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Collaborating for a Brighter Future: WRCIC To Be Held in Salt Lake City

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April 13, 2017

The Boards of Directors of the Arizona Captive Insurance Association (AzCIA), Missouri Captive Insurance Association (MOCIA), and Utah Captive Insurance Association (UCIA) will co-sponsor the Western Region Captive Insurance Conference (WRCIC) in Salt Lake City, Utah, on May 22–24, 2017. The theme of the 7th Annual WRCIC is Collaborating for a Brighter Future.

“We are honored to host the prestigious Western Region Captive Insurance Conference here in Utah this year,” said Ross Elliott, UCIA Board vice president and the 2017 WRCIC chair. “The Conference sessions have been structured to provide substantive captive education for owners, providers, regulators, and friends. We invite you to join your captive associations, attend this outstanding conference, share your insights and challenges with your peers, and collaborate for a brighter future!”

W. Rae Brown, an AzCIA Board member, added, “hosted in Salt Lake City this year, the Western Region Captive Conference is one of the most dynamic in recent memory. From the multiple reporting change requirements to small captives to the captive specific changes of the [Terrorism Risk Insurance Act] data call, the 2017 Conference has a vast amount of information to share. The program has depth and continues to offer insight into captive uses, regulation management, and strategy. The AzCIA is pleased to be a continuous sponsor of this Conference since its inception.”

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