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Captive Insurance Operations: Is There a "Right Way" To Organize?

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February 10, 2016

Captive insurance corporate governance and the roles of both the board and management are currently areas of focus of captive domicile regulators. While not specifically targeted at captives, the ideas expressed in the recent Carrier Management series of articles, titled "Making P/C Operations Work: From Calm Multitaskers to Maniacs With a Passion," are worth reading.

Has your captive board, captive executive, or captive manager grappled with how to best make your captive operations work effectively? The insurance company executives interviewed for the Carrier Management article series are from traditional companies that are much larger than most captive and captive management operations. However, the insurance executive recruiters and chief operating officer interviews conducted by author Susanne Sclafane provide some thought-provoking insights into the optional of ways of organizing captive or captive manager operations.  

The article series focuses on the titles and responsibilities of the leaders of an insurance company. What are the role and responsibilities for the chief executive officer (CEO)? It also addresses the question of whether an insurance company needs a chief operating officer (COO). 

Recasting a quote from poetry in John Adams's "Thoughts on Government," this former captive chief executive officer and editor would suggest, "Forms of organizational structure let fools contest, the captive that is best administered is the best."

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