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Business Interruption and the Interconnectivity of the Supply Chain

Over the past several years, a number of independent reports have been published detailing the biggest, most egregious risks facing businesses. Whether we're talking about a "top 10" list or a "top 5," the real constant across the board was business interruption and its devastating impact. Find out how captive insurance can help.
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Utilizing a Captive for Workers Compensation Large Deductible Programs

Workers compensation large deductible plans provide up-front premium savings for organizations. Some organizations choose to maximize the financial benefit by utilizing a captive insurance company to insure the large deductible.
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The Challenge of Harnessing Data within Healthcare Liability Captives

Breaking down claims data silos to bring various data sets together in healthcare systems requires a systematic approach, according to a panel of experts who recently spoke at the World Captive Forum.
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Global Employee Benefits in Captives Increasing

While only a sliver of captive insurance companies fund their parents' employee benefit risks, the number is growing as more companies understand the advantages of that approach, experts say.
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Captive Insurance and Medical Stop Loss, Controlling Healthcare Costs

Mark Sims of Captive Alternatives advises that health insurance is one of an employer's biggest expenses. Many businesses are looking to use their captive insurer to help control healthcare costs. With captive insurance, the employer can prefund, into their captive, premium to cover their claims responsibility within the "specific deductible."
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Captive Insurance and Sexual Misconduct

Michael Maglaras, principal of Michael Maglaras & Company, says that we have been insuring bad behavior in the commercial insurance market and in captive insurers for many decades. In this video, Mr. Maglaras raises questions and explores ideas around sexual misconduct, sexual abuse, sexual intimidation, and captive insurance.
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Enterprise Risk Coverages and Captive Insurance

Mark Sims, vice president of business development at Captive Alternatives, LLC, says businesses want to know what type of risks they can insure inside their own captive insurance company and are often concerned about enterprise risks such as loss of a key customer, weather-related events, data breaches, or cyber attacks.
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Healthcare System Catastrophic Claims Costs Rising

The cost of extreme, or catastrophic, professional liability claims is increasing at a rate higher than typical self-insured claims, which are trending at 2 percent annually, according to the Aon/American Society for Healthcare Risk Management Hospital and Physician Professional Liability Benchmark report.
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Reserve Strength Declining for US Medical Professional Liability

Fitch Ratings findings show that the US medical professional liability insurance sector experienced underwriting losses again this past year, placing more scrutiny around shrinking reserves.
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Dot Foods Seeks DOL Approval To Fund Benefits in Its Captive Insurer

Dot Foods Inc. is the latest employer to seek federal regulatory approval to use its captive insurance company to fund employee benefit risks. In a filing with the US Department of Labor (DOL), Dot Foods says it wants to use its captive insurer to reinsure voluntary accident and critical care coverages.
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Has the Time Come for Direct Workers Compensation in Captives?

Michael Maglaras, principal of Michael Maglaras & Company, suggests the time has come to insure direct statutory workers compensation in captives on a nonfronted basis. This means the program is underwritten, funded, and managed directly through a captive insurer where the policy is issued directly on the captive's paper.
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Trucking Captives 101

Principal and Consulting Actuary Rob Walling of Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc., says that trucking insurance captives are an example of a specialized industry that requires specialized care. In a number of industries and coverages in the captive insurance space, such as trucking, an actuary cannot simply dabble.
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AssureCap Advantage Captive Program Launched for Senior Care Industry

Captive insurance consultant Michael Maglaras & Company and Assurance Agency have launched the AssureCap Advantage captive program, designed to meet the insurance and risk management challenges of the senior care industry.
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Global Employee Benefit Health Plan Costs Increasing 3 Times Inflation

Based on its latest global employee benefit research findings on medical trends around the world, Mercer Marsh Benefits advises that adopting integrated health and well-being strategies underpinned by stronger digital and data capabilities will be critical in managing the rising costs of employee health benefit programs.
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Cannabis and Captive Insurance

The insurance market for the legal cannabis industry is still quite fluid, with changes happening every day. Cannabis businesses are currently unable to obtain adequate and affordable insurance protection in the market, and captive insurance may be able to provide the solution.
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  Rob Walling

The Role of Technology in Captive Formations

According to Rob Walling, principal and consulting actuary with Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc., technology is playing an exciting role in captive innovation and formation. Captive formation is stemming from insurtech activity, such as on-demand insurance running through smart phone technology as well as from a variety of disruptive technologies.
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Business Interruption Insurance: A Basic Primer

A captive insurer should have business interruption coverage, as should its members. Editor John Foehl reviews basic questions for consideration when buying or providing coverage for business interruption insurance in this basic primer for captive insurers.
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Captive Insurers and Population Management

Two new Captive Thought Leader Videos featuring Michael Maglaras, principal, Michael Maglaras & Company, titled "Part I: Medical Professional Liability in Captives and Physician Migration" and "Part II: Medical Professional Liability in Captives and Population Management" have recently been added to the video library.
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Group Rental Captive Insurer Launched for Towing and Recovery Industry

The first group rental captive insurer designed exclusively for the towing and recovery industry, TowCap Premier, has been launched by National Interstate Insurance Company, a leading specialty property and casualty transportation insurer.
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Funding Benefits through Captive Insurance Companies Continues To Grow

Hyatt Hotels Corp. is the latest employer to win federal regulatory approval to fund employee benefits through its captive insurance company. Hyatt joins roughly three dozen employers that have received US Department of Labor approval in recent years to fund employee benefit risks through their captive insurance companies.
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