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Buying an 831(b) Captive—How Is the Back Office?

Some captive providers can sell ice to an Eskimo, but can they really deliver effective captive management service over time?
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No Action on “Multi-State Insurer” Definition

The NAIC Financial Regulation Standards and Accreditation (F) Committee took no action at its August 16, 2014, meeting on the proposed regulatory definition of "multi-state insurer.".
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"The Generational Effect on Captive Leadership"

This Vermont Captive Insurance Association session focused on keeping up with trends in the environment in which captives operate and how to develop the internal employee leadership capacity to take captives into the future. Moderator Tom Hodson, Connecticut Captive Insurance Association; Carolyn Snow, director of risk management with the Humana Managed Care Indemnity, Inc., captive; and Dan Labrie, president of the HAI Group, were the panelists.
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  8-6 Michigan Law Imposing 1% Tax on Health Care Claims Upheld

Michigan Law Imposing 1 Percent Tax on Healthcare Claims Upheld

Self-insurers and captives operating health insurance programs under the Federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act have taken the position that the Act preempts state and local laws that relate to employee benefit programs.
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Captives Responsible for $25 million of Johns Hopkins Hospital $190 million settlement

The Baltimore Sun reports that MCIC Vermont Inc. RRG (MCIC) and Medical Centre Insurance Ltd (Bermuda) are likely to be responsible for $25 million of a $190 million settlement.
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A Closer Look at the Evolving Process Transforming the Global Insurance Industry

"… Solvency II will cause a transformational shift in the way the insurance industry operates in Europe, it will also have wide-ranging implications on a global scale," according to a perceptive but dated Solvency II report issued by KMPG.
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  Lloyds Treat Fair to Captives

Are Lloyd's Treat Consumer Friendly Rules Fair to Captives?

The new treat consumer friendly rules apply to Lloyd's syndicates, managing general agents, and other entities such as captives that purchase Lloyd's coverage.
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