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Workers Compensation Claims Management Benchmarking Study Available

Whether your captive's claims management operation is internal or outsourced, you should find the "2015 Workers' Compensation Benchmarking Study: Claims Management Operational Study" of interest.
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Attracting Young People into the Captive Industry

IRMI directory provides details on 51 risk management and insurance programs at U.S. colleges and universities.
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Risk Retention Groups Face Rigorous Governance Standards under NAIC Model Act

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Model Risk Retention Act contains numerous Governance Standards that will create a significant workload for some risk retention groups (RRGs) in the months ahead.
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Captive Insurers: Communication Can Affect Image and Bottom Line

Captive insurers, like commercial insurers, typically expend 60 percent or more of their premium dollars for losses and loss adjustment expenses. The claims philosophy of the captive and how that is communicated can have a substantial impact on the image of the captive owner or members as well as the captive’s bottom line.
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Captive Insurance, Self-Insurance May Offer Employee Healthcare Savings

Spring Consulting Group, LLC, has published a white paper for businesses and other organizations considering ways to continue offering health insurance coverage to their employees.
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Group Health Self-Insurer Cost Savings Arrangements Focus of Article

Contracting with an accountable care organization (ACO) could afford high-quality and cost-efficient care for self-insured plan participants, according to Milliman actuaries Anders Larson and Paul Houchens in their article, titled “Introduction to shared savings arrangements and ACOs,” for the September 2015 issue of Milliman's Benefits Perspectives: Current Issues in Employee Benefits.
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Captive Insurance Industry Survival Strategy Offered at NRRA Conference

Is your captive struggling to survive in this soft insurance market? Panelists offered their advice during "Soft Market Survival Guide," a September 30 presentation at the National Risk Retention Association (NRRA) National Conference 2015, held September 29 through October 1 in Chicago.
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Captive Insurance Strategies Topic of Zurich White Paper

A Zurich Captive Services white paper, titled Captive Strategies: Enhancing Value and Ensuring Compliance, outlines the challenges and opportunities for businesses to enhance the value of their captive insurance company.
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Small Insurers, RRGs Have Increased Access to Capital, Article Says

The Summer 2015 edition of the Demotech Difference contains an article by Joseph Scheerer, founder, principal, and managing director of Stonybrook Capital, concerning the increasing access to capital for small insurance companies and risk retention groups (RRGs).
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Milliman Enterprise Risk Management Self-Assessment Platform

Milliman has introduced an interactive platform that helps organizations evaluate their enterprise risk management (ERM) framework, access benchmark data, and identify improvement opportunities. The platform generates a complimentary report that provides practical suggestions that can be implemented by your organization.
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An Opportunity for Captives Writing Liability Coverage in New York State?

For those of you residing in the other 49 states, this is little more than an interesting read. For those of you who reside in the great state of New York and own property or do construction contracting for a living, you are most likely quite aware of the infamous Scaffold Law.
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Captive Insurance Industry Partnerships Matter to HAI Group Success

HAI (Housing Authority Insurance) Group 2014 Annual Report "Partnership" theme highlights how important partnerships are to the success of the captive owned by your business or association or as a member of a group captive or risk retention group.
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Captive Insurance Industry Resource for Surplus Lines Laws

Locke Lord LLP has released the 2015 edition of its Excess and Surplus Lines Laws in the United States manual, reflecting all of the pertinent changes in the surplus lines laws and regulations of the 50 states and US territories during the past year.
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Captive Insurance Workers Comp Claims May Need Further Investigation

The June 26, 2015, issue of Insurance Thought Leadership features a useful checklist of 66 red flags when looking for compensability or potential fraud in workers compensation claims being handled by your captive.
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Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons RRG 2014 Annual Report

Keeping the membership informed is one of the keys to membership retention in a group captive. The OMS National Insurance Company (OMSNIC) risk retention group 2014 annual report is an excellent example of an informative report to the membership.
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Captive Insurance Leaders Can Learn from NAIC Report

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has issued the first volume of the 28th edition of its Insurance Department Resources Report (IDRR), which provides key statistics on the resources and regulatory activities of the 56 NAIC-member jurisdictions, according to an NAIC press release.
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Public Entity Risk Pools Regulation Debated in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, the Secretary of State Bureau of Securities Regulation regulates public entity risk pools. The New Hampshire Senate Finance Committee recently voted to transfer this oversight authority to the New Hampshire Insurance Department, but after vigorous objections from the secretary of state it has decided to study the issue and report its findings to the Legislature in November.
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Multistate Insurer Definition Concerns Bring Favorable NAIC Action

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has listened and acted on the many comments of the captive community that provides property-casualty coverage. The revised language in the Scope of the Part A Accreditation Standards in its revised form states, “This section does not apply to a state’s domestic insurers licensed and/or organized under its captive or special purpose vehicle statutes or any other similar statutory construct.”
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NAIC Committee F Action on Multistate Insurer Definition

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) Financial Regulation Standards Accreditation Committee F voted on Tuesday to approve the revised draft of the Part A Accreditation Preamble with the addition of several technical amendments.
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  WRCIC 2015

Captive Insurance Industry Faces Threats

Captive insurance industry threats were discussed by a panel of captive experts at the 2015 Western Region Captive Insurance Conference.
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