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Opting Out of Workers Compensation

The International Association of Industrial Accident Boards and Commissions (IAIABC) issued a report in May 2016 that compares the benefits and coverage of the workers compensation opt-out alternative adopted by Oklahoma with the traditional compulsory workers compensation coverage required in most states.
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Determining Intrinsic Value and the Risk-Free Rate

As captives have watched their book yields steadily decline over the last decade, the natural inclination has been to look for ways to arrest this fall.
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Insurance Case Law Summaries Resource from IRMI

Insurance Case Finder—a customized court case search engine from IRMI, the owner of—is a great resource for captive managers and claims adjusters.
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Robotic Automation Will Transform Captive Insurance Industry

It is a brave new world out there, where robotic automation may be the new future of the insurance industry and of captive insurers.
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  Letter Writing Communication

Captive Insurance Regulation: Is State Authority under Attack?

In an open letter to state insurance commissioners, Sean G. King, CIC Services, LLC, principal and in-house counsel, warns that, in his view, states must actively resist Internal Revenue Service (IRS) attempts at becoming the "de facto regulator of insurance" unless they are prepared to relinquish regulatory authority.
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Captive Insurance Companies Have Resource for Considering Cyber-Liability

Is cyber-liability coverage being considered for your captive insurance company? A benchmark research study, titled "2016 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis," sponsored by IBM and conducted by Ponemon Institute LLC, may help with your decision making.
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  Feedback Meeting

Captive Insurance Independent Directors May Utilize Generative Thinking

Two articles this past week caused us to reflect on why independent directors may also enhance a captive insurance company board's ability to utilize generative thinking about the future.
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  Future Empowerment

Captive Insurers Have Source of Ideas for Empowered Future

KPMG's Global Insurance practice has released a report, the first in a planned series, titled "Empowered for the Future: Insurance Reinvented." The report is based on findings from a survey of 70 insurance executives.
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  Millennial Workplace

Captive Insurance Company Culture Key to Meeting Talent Need

In this follow-up to our earlier article titled "Captive Insurance Company Culture and Values Matter," we explore how culture and values interact with the need to attract new talent into the captive insurance industry.
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  Culture Matters Featured News

Captive Insurance Company Culture and Values Matter

Culture and values matter in the captive insurance industry, believes coeditor John Salisbury, whose experience as a captive insurance company chief executive officer supports this conclusion.
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  Digital Marketing

Insurance Distribution: A Peek into the Future

One challenge for multistate group captive insurance companies, including risk retention groups, is marketing their program coverages and services.
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  Charting New Territory

Captive Insurance for Employee Benefits: "Pioneers" Surveyed

It has been more than a decade since the first two companies gained prohibited transaction exemptions from the U.S. Department of Labor in 2000 and 2003. A total of 30 companies have since secured prohibited transaction exemptions, and they share their experiences in a white paper recently published by Spring Consulting Group.
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  Future Concepts

A Concept Ahead of Its Time: Creating and Operating a Virtual Captive

As the National Risk Retention Association (NRRA) has announced its creation of a virtual company to promote discussion at its upcoming conference, coeditors John Salisbury and John Foehl want to contribute to that discussion by sharing their personal experiences in creating and operating a virtual captive.
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Captive Insurance: Headed for "Uberization"?

Mike Cagney, the chief executive officer, chairman, and cofounder of SoFi, was interviewed for an April 29, 2016, "Wall Street Journal" article, which says that the premise behind this new FinTech start-up is to move lending away from brick-and-mortar banks to a smartphone app.
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Captive Insurers Need Independent, Experienced Directors, Article Says

An article written by Andrew J. Barile that appeared recently in "Risk Management Monitor," the official blog of "Risk Management" magazine, explains the increased need for captive insurers to have board members who are independent and experienced in insurance.
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Captive Insurance Actions and Financial Statement Noted in NAIC Annual Report

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has issued its 2015 Annual Report, titled "To Serve & Protect in the Digital Age."
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  Digital Future

Captive Insurance Industry Should Pay Attention to FinTech

Almost 40 years ago, captive insurers began as a new business model that disrupted the traditional commercial insurance markets.
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  Temple Students RIMS

RIMS Hosts 214 University Students at Its Annual Conference

A total of 214 students majoring in risk management and insurance attend the RIMS annual conference to learn, network, and compete.
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  Kane RIMS Presentation

RIMS 2016: The Cyber Conference

Cyber risk was a major emphasis at the 2016 RIMS conference.
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  Risk Statement

New RIMS Executive Report Guides Successful Risk Taking

A formal risk appetite and risk tolerance statement can be a powerful strategic tool for not only managing risk but also for maintaining an effective balance between risk and reward, according to a just-released RIMS Executive Report.
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