Captive Domiciles

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The Maine Captive Insurance Domicile

While Maine is one of the smallest captive insurance company domiciles in the United States—Maine currently has just three captives—it is a domicile that captive managers give the highest marks. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Missouri Captive Insurance Domicile

As a captive insurance company domicile, steady growth is an apt description for the state of Missouri. The number of captives licensed in Missouri has increased by nearly 50 percent since 2014, with 71 captives at the end of 2018. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Montana Captive Insurance Domicile

While Montana is, in terms of population, one of the smallest US states, the opposite is true when it comes to captive insurance companies. Curious? Learn more today.
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The South Carolina Captive Insurance Domicile

Since passing its captive insurance law in 2000, the South Carolina captive domicile has enjoyed steady growth. Captive managers and others say a key driver fueling that growth has been a highly talented regulatory staff. Curious? Learn more today.
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Captive Insurer Formations Expected To Accelerate in 2020

New captive insurance company formations are continuing with captive regulators and managers expecting growth to accelerate next year as the traditional market hardens.
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The Ohio Captive Insurance Domicile

While Ohio is a very small captive insurance company domicile, the state has several key captive attractions. For Ohio-based organizations, there can be significant cost savings in setting up captives in the state compared to other domiciles. Curious? Learn more today on
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Vermont's Captive Scene Attracts Growing Interest from China and Mexico

Over 1,000 people attended this year's Vermont Captive Insurance Association annual conference, held in Burlington, Vermont, on August 5–8. The event drew attendees from nearly every state and 11 countries. There is growing international interest in the Vermont domicile from countries including China and Mexico.
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Vermont Captive Delegation To Visit Mexico in 2020

The State of Vermont and the Vermont Captive Insurance Association will send a delegation comprised of government, regulatory, and industry representatives to Mexico next year to highlight Vermont's captive industry at an educational forum.
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The Nevada Captive Insurance Domicile

Nevada is not only one of the older captive domiciles in the United States, it is also a domicile that has enjoyed steady growth. In the 5 years from 2013 to 2017, the number of captives licensed in Nevada increased over 40 percent. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Tennessee Captive Insurance Domicile

Tennessee, which is one of the oldest domestic captive domiciles, has, in recent years, become one of the fastest growing. Over the last 4 years, the number of active captives in Tennessee has doubled, jumping from 68 in 2014 to 136 at the end of 2018. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Utah Captive Insurance Domicile

While there are several reasons why Utah has, for many years, been a major captive domicile, a key factor has been the high quality and accessibility of the state's captive regulatory staff, captive managers and others say. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Arkansas Captive Insurance Domicile

While Arkansas is a small captive domicile with just 6 captives at the end of 2018 and 8 captives currently, state regulators and others expect significant growth over the next few years. That optimism is based on several factors, including an attractive captive statute. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Michigan Captive Insurance Domicile

Receptive regulators have helped fuel the growth of Michigan as a captive domicile with more than a 50 percent increase in its number of captives since 2013. More striking, though, has been the huge jump in the amount of business Michigan captives are doing. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Vermont Captive Insurance Domicile

From the time Vermont lawmakers banded together more than 3 decades ago to pass legislation allowing the formation of captive insurance companies, the state has stood out as a captive domicile. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Kentucky Captive Insurance Domicile

Unlike many other US captive insurance company domiciles, Kentucky has not seen its captive count increase in recent years. In fact, Kentucky's captive count and premium volume have fallen. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Kansas Captive Insurance Domicile

For years, Kansas has been the smallest captive domicile in the United States with just one licensed captive. But that could be about to change, say officials at the Kansas Department of Insurance. Curious? Learn more today on
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The Delaware Captive Insurance Domicile

Delaware is one of the oldest and largest captive insurance company domiciles in the United States. The year 2019 marks the Delaware captive statute's 35th anniversary. During those 3.5 decades, Delaware has seen its captive count top more than 1,000. Curious? Learn more today on
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The North Carolina Captive Insurance Domicile

North Carolina has been one of the fastest-growing captive domiciles. At the end of 2018, 244 captives were domiciled in North Carolina, up from just 52 captives 5 years earlier. State regulators attribute that growth to several factors, including an up-to-date and attractive captive law and top customer service. Curious? Learn more today on
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US Captive Domiciles Keeping Captive Statutes Up to Date in 2019

In 2019, US lawmakers have continued the drive to keep their states' captive statutes up to date. So far this year, at least six states—including Vermont, Utah, Nevada, Tennessee, Montana, and Georgia—have passed measures amending their captive statutes.
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How the United States Became Home to More Captives Than Any Other Country

When Vermont lawmakers passed legislation in 1981 to allow captive insurance companies to be set up in the state, they did something unique for a US state: authorize a captive domicile that would compete with Bermuda and the Cayman Islands, the world's biggest domiciles. Now close to 3 dozen US states permit the formation of captives.
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