Captive Domiciles

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Connecticut Licenses Its Fifth Captive

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy, reelected last week, announced the licensing of Aetna Risk Insurance. The captive is a subsidiary of Aetna.
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Cayman Islands Leading Health Care Captive Domicile

The Cayman Islands is the leading jurisdiction for health care captives, with health care captives representing 34 percent of all captives domiciled in the Cayman Islands, according to a report by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority as of September 30, 2014.
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As Utah Captive Numbers Grow, 2015 Legislative Proposals and Regulations Previewed

With the current 351 captives and 46 cells licensed, Utah will have well over 400 after license approvals expected to be completed next week, the Utah captive insurance director said during a recent webinar.
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North Carolina Estimates More than 40 Captives by End of 2014

The North Carolina Insurance Department is planning to grow the number of its licensed captives to 40 by the end of the year, according to its recent press release. There are currently 12 North Carolina licensed captives, including five protected cell captives that have multiple cells.
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"Vermont (VT) Captive Industry Very Important to Its Economy"

Patricia Moulton, secretary of the Vermont Commerce and Community Development, stood in for Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin to help kick off the Vermont Captive Insurance Association conference.
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No Captive E.U. Domicile Impact Reported Despite Impending II Solvency Rules

A recent Business Insurance article indicates the Solvency II, the European Union (E.U.) rules for insurance and reinsurance, “principle of proportionality” is being applied in a reasonably consistent manner by E.U. national regulators.
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Bermuda Looks to Latin America as New Source of Captive Business Opportunities

The Bermuda Royal Gazette reported today that a delegation of leading Bermuda captive industry executives attended the Multi-Latina Risk Management Conference in Cartagena, Columbia. It was reported the Bermuda delegation led several panel discussions and roundtables on captive formation, domicile selection, tax effectiveness, risk management solutions and Bermuda’s regulatory framework.
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The Tribal Domicile of the Delaware Tribe of Indians

Not to be confused with the State of Delaware captive domicile, the Delaware Tribe of Indians headquarters, located in Caney, Kansas, offers an alternative to both offshore and other US state domiciles.
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Big Threat to Bermuda

A big threat to Bermuda keeping its international business is the potential realization in the US Congress that it only needs to change US tax laws to lure many companies home or repatriate corporate profits. This was part of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats analysis of the Bermuda market presented by Conan Ward.
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Ohio Captive Legislation Enacted and Signed by Governor

Ohio companies are able to operate their own locally based commercial insurance subsidiaries under captive legislation signed into law this week by Governor John Kasich. House Bill 117 allows for the creation of captive insurance companies, which exclusively serve parent entities with commercial auto liability, workers compensation, medical malpractice, and other coverage.
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