Captive Domiciles

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Barbados: “Gateway to Latin America” and Its Concerns for the Future

The Barbados International Finance & Business 2015 edition has several excellent captive-related articles recommended for reading.
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Vermont Enacts Captive Statute Revisions

Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin on May 7 was expected to sign new captive legislation, the most significant groundbreaking change of which is to allow marketable securities along with cash, trusts, and letters of credit to meet the minimum capital requirement.
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District of Columbia Revises Captive Insurance Company Act

The District of Columbia’s Captive Insurance Company Amendment Act of 2014 became effective March 10, 2015, following the end of the 30-day congressional review period.
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Montana Revises Captive Statutes

Montana Governor Steve Bullock has signed two captive-related legislative bills, one of which will now allow public-sector entities to establish captive insurance companies in the state.
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Texas Captive Legislation Advances

Captive legislation has advanced in both the Texas House and the Texas Senate.
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Vermont Captive Legislative Proposal Progresses

A bill that, if passed, would change some restrictions for establishing a captive in Vermont is progressing through the state's legislative process.
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Tennessee Captive Legislative Proposal

Michael Corbett, director of the Captive Division of the Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance, has indicated that his department is seeking a change in the captive statutes at the current legislative session. The change would delete a provision that effectively did not permit the taxation of protected cell captive insurance companies after they included more than 10 cells. The clarifying legislation will result in a tax of $10,000 per cell and $5,000 per cell for all cells in excess of 10.
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  TxCIA Conference 2015

Texas Captive Insurance Scene Is Becoming Lively

The second annual meeting of the Texas Captive Insurance Association (TxCIA) in Austin sported a lively group of active captive practitioners, captive owners, and prospective captive owners. Approximately 110 people attended, which was approximately the same as last year. TxCIA representatives were pleased with this attendance level and delighted that 55 people attended the optional “Captives 101 Workshop,” since their goal was to have at least 10 people attend it.
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Delaware Captive Domicile Update

The Delaware Department of Insurance issued a press release outlining its success in 2014. Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart stated, “I am very pleased that the captive program continues to grow. This program provides economic opportunities for my constituents and much needed revenue for the state.”
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Cayman Adds 22 New Captives in 2014

The Cayman captive industry enjoyed steady, sustained growth in 2014, with 22 new captives formed. The total number of captives domiciled in Cayman was 759 as of December 31, 2014, with pure captives representing 415 of these and a further 139 being segregated portfolio companies, writing total premiums of US$12 billion and holding total assets of US$51.5 billion.
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TxCIA Seeks Changes in Texas Captive Law

The Texas Captive Insurance Association (TxCIA) has initiated legislation being introduced by Representative John Smithee (R-Amarillo) to expand the provisions of the captive insurance law that was originally enacted in 2013.
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Consider Future Financial Exam Costs When Choosing a Captive Domicile

Financial exam fees passed through to captive insurers vary from domicile to domicile; consider them in feasibility studies.
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Oklahoma Insurance Department Reports Exceptional Captive Growth

Oklahoma issued 37 new captive licenses in 2014 under the state’s new captive insurance regulation and streamlined licensure procedures, according to an announcement from Oklahoma Insurance Commissioner John D. Doak.
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Hawaii's Captive Portfolio Grows in 2014

Hawaii added 15 new captives to its domicile in 2014 and had 5 deletions for a net growth of 10 captives or about 5.5 percent. The construction and real estate industry group represents approximately 38 percent of the total captive owners. The telecommunications and manufacturing and healthcare industry groups each represent about 18 percent of the captive owners.
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Arizona Captive Count Grows 8 Percent in 2014

The Captive Division of the Arizona Department of Insurance reported that, as of year-end 2014, it has 114 licensed captives, a net increase of 8 percent since the beginning of 2014. This 8 percent growth exceeded the increase of 6 captives and 6 percent growth in the prior year. Pure and pure-reinsurance captives represent 81 percent of the types of captives licensed. Group captives, including risk retention groups and association captives, comprise 13 percent of the total.
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Bermuda Has 57 Percent of Insurance-Linked Securities Market

The Royal Gazette quoted the president and CEO of the Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX), Greg Wojciechowski, as saying that “… the outstanding amount of ILS (insurance-linked securities) issued in Bermuda represents 57 per cent of the worldwide stock of ILS.”
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Vermont Captive Quality, Premium Growth Continue

Vermont licensed 16 new captives in 2014, according to data released by the Vermont Captive Insurance Division. The new captives were made up of 10 pure captives, two sponsored, two special purpose financial insurers, one association, and one risk retention group. Two new captives were redomesticated from Bermuda and Delaware.
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Hawaii Captive Growth Continues in 2014

Hawaii is now the domicile for 186 captives, with the addition of seven new captives licensed in the first three-quarters of 2014. U.S. owners represent 94 percent of the captives domiciled in Hawaii; the remaining are from Asia/Pacific locations.
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Arizona Domicile Continues To Grow

The Captive Insurance Division of the Arizona Department of Insurance reported that as of September 30, 2014, the state has 111 licensed captives, a net increase of 5 since the beginning of 2014. With 3 pending applications it is on target to exceed its 2013 rate of growth.
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Caymans Looking To Expand Canadian Captive Business

The Caymans are currently the domicile for 10-12 Canadian business captives and officials are looking to expand that number, according to Stephen White, Kane Group, and Paul Arbo, BDO. Mr. White and Mr. Arbo were the presenters at “The Canadian Market Explored,” one of the Cayman Captive Forum 2014 pre-Forum tutorial sessions.
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