Captive Basics


Popular Myths about Captive Insurance

Jeremy Colombik of Management Services International (MSI) debunks these common captive industry myths in a video: that all captives are tax shelters and offshore, that captives do not provide additional coverages, that captives are not a good business decision, and that only Fortune 500/1000 firms are good for captives.
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Captive Insurance Pre-Formation and Feasibility Discussed by Panel

The Vermont Captive Insurance Association 2017 Annual Conference provided attendees with sessions from the basics to the most advanced. "Captives 101: Where the Mission Begins" was a foundational course for those new to captive insurance or those needing a refresher. Among other aspects, the session reviewed captive pre-formation and the captive feasibility processes.
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Employee Benefits in Captives: The Basics

A small but growing number of employers are tapping their captive insurance companies to fund employee benefit risks with a goal of reducing costs. This article reviews the basics, including the main drivers and the US Department of Labor approval process.
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Claims Handling in Captives

Owners of captive insurance companies have an opportunity to take much greater control of the claims process than with traditional insurance. When this control is exercised via a well-thought-out-and-executed process, the result will be lower costs and a more successful captive. This article discusses some of the key considerations and decision points.
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The Case for Centralized In-House Loss Control with Captive Insurance

Written by a practicing risk manager, this article outlines some of the potential advantages of embedding centralized loss control within a captive and how doing so can reduce the cost of risk.
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A Guide to Actuarial Reports

There are numerous types of actuarial reports, and they can be as different as the actuaries who author them. This article gives guidance on which elements are required and which are a matter of style with the purpose of helping you to better understand actuarial reports.
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Forming and Operating a Captive Insurer: A New Course from has introduced a third online course on captive insurance addressing the feasibility study, formation, and operation of captives. Continuing professional education and insurance continuing education credit is available in many states.
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Why Do Captives Get Credit Ratings?

While the need for ratings by traditional insurers is obvious, it is not so apparent for captives. This article explains why some captive insurance companies go through the credit rating process.
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A Primer for Captives and RRGs on Risk-Based Capital

Gain a practical understanding of risk-based capital. What it is, how it is measured, how does ORSA fit in, and how does it impact your captive?
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Guide to Captive Insurance Conferences

As we kick off a new year, those who own, manage, or otherwise work with captives are deciding which of the many alternative captive insurance events they will attend. This article discusses the alternatives in general and offers some insights on how to decide which conference(s) to attend.
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Captive Insurance History Timeline Marches on

The "History of Captives" timeline, which was proud to debut in 2016, is evolving. See a summary of new entries and other changes made since it was introduced. Even if you have read it, it is worth coming back to again and again to see it evolve.
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5 Coverage Questions for Cyber-Liability in a Captive Insurer

Many captive owners are being asked to consider writing cyber-liability coverage in their captives. The idea has been discussed at numerous captive conferences over the last several years. Additionally, there are dozens of articles available on captive vendor websites that explore the possibility. Reading these articles can lead many owners and board members to conclude that cyber-liability coverage is worthy of pursuing.
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Legitimate Captive Insurance Companies Are Not Driven by Tax Planning Strategies

Here is a message that needs to be delivered to all those involved in advising, regulating, or legislating tax policy: captive insurance companies are genuine risk management organizations that add value to their owners.
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Captive Insurance Basics: A Guide to Rental Captive Insurers

Rental captives are but one form of a captive insurance company. A captive insurer is an insurance company that is wholly owned and controlled by its insureds; its primary purpose is to insure the risks of its owners, and its insureds benefit from the captive insurer's underwriting profits.
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Captive Insurance Historical Timeline on Is Dynamic

A new feature that presents the history of key developments in captive insurance as a dynamic timeline brings back memories as well as serves as an educational tool.
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Milliman Commentary on Captive Feasibility Studies and Emerging Risks

Michael Meehan, a consultant at Milliman, Inc., is featured in an A.M. BestTV video that discusses captive feasibility studies and emerging risks. Meehan is asked by John Weber, the BestTV session moderator, what percentage of feasibility studies eventually turn into captives. Meehan indicates that percentage is high because captive managers have usually performed a prefeasibility study prior to contacting an actuary that demonstrates the feasibility. “Captive managers do a good job in evaluating clients" to determine whether it is feasible for them to have a captive, said Meehan.
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New Feature at Historical Timeline of the Captive Industry

Captives are the best business, but where did they come from? How did we get to where we are today? Hugh Rosenbaum (with help from friends) has developed a timeline that reflects the important events that shaped and influenced the development of captive insurance over the past 50 years—the history, personalities, regulations, domiciles, and publications that have led to this successful and integral part of the insurance industry. This reference is an excellent source for all involved or interested in the captive industry.
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Captive Insurance Videos Available on Milliman Website

Milliman consultants will tell you that "traditional insurance is not always the answer." To illustrate this concept, they have produced two videos.
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Captive Insurance Can Benefit Midsize and Small Businesses: Resources Available

Resources are available to help owners of small and midsize businesses obtain the knowledge they need when considering whether to form a captive insurance company.
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Captive Insurance Industry Thought Leader Videos Available on

Those considering forming a captive insurance company—as well as seasoned captive board members, executives, managers, and staff—can find an excellent resource in's "Captive Thought Leader Videos."
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