Healthcare Liability Captives Thrive in a Soft Professional Liability Market

Captive Use Trends & Innovations  | Industry Applications | Michael Maglaras | Principal | Michael Maglaras & Company 

Captive expert Michael Maglaras believes the soft medical professional liability market we've experienced over the past decade will continue for many years to come. This begs the question of what will become of healthcare liability captives. He contends they will continue to thrive because they have evolved to the point that they are focused much less on "price" and a great deal more on control over the claims management and adjustment process. Simply put, healthcare liability captives have gotten much better at what they do (adjusting, managing, and controlling their own losses) and play a pivotal societal role in improving healthcare across the United States. Captives give healthcare systems control over their destiny, and they will not give this up, hard market and soft market cycles notwithstanding.