CIC Services, LLC

CIC Services, LLC

CIC Services is a captive manager that primarily serves middle-market companies, helping them take control of their risk by owning their own insurance company. CIC Services has formed over 150 captives across multiple industries and most lines of coverage, including property and casualty risks, warranties, performance and surety bonding, and healthcare/employee benefits. Located in Tennessee, CIC Services serves US domiciles.

CIC Services offers the following services and products.

  • Captive Feasibility Studies
  • Captive Management Services
  • Cell Captives
  • Consulting and Program Design

CIC Services offers the following ART programs.

  • Single-Parent Captives
  • Segregated Cell—Sponsored Captives
  • Special-Purpose Captives

Products & Services

  • Captive Feasibility Studies
  • Captive Managers
  • Cell Captives
  • Consulting & Program Design

Company Contacts

(865) 599–6104