BVI Association of Insurance Managers (BVIAIM)

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands Association of Insurance Managers (BVIAIM) is a body of captive insurance professionals whose purpose and aims are to work to ensure the success of the British Virgin Islands as a captive domicile by representing its members' views on regulatory and governmental initiatives and consulting with the Financial Services Commission on new or amended legislation and other matters of concern to the captive insurance industry.

Other BVIAIM activities include marketing for the BVI captive insurance industry, training its members and the public on financial literacy, and working with insurance industry and government stakeholders to secure BVI's reputation as a premier captive jurisdiction with robust regulation and attractive features for doing captive business.


Helen Janes FCA ACII, Chairman
Folio House, PO Box 800, Road Town
Tortola, British Virgin Islands
[email protected]