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TxCIA Conference 2015

Captive Cost Considerations Enumerated at TxCIA Conference

The costs of the services and fees necessary to support captive insurance programs are defined and discussed in this report from the Texas Captive Insurance Association 2015 Annual Conference.
February 26, 2015 Read More
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Consider Future Financial Exam Costs When Choosing a Captive Domicile

Financial exam fees passed through to captive insurers vary from domicile to domicile; consider them in feasibility studies.
February 05, 2015 Read More
World Captive Forum 2015 Banner

Captive Insurers Can Facilitate ERM Programs

World Captive Forum 2015 speakers explain how a captive insurance company can be used to support an enterprise risk management (ERM) program.
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IRS Building

IRS Dirty Dozen Abusive Tax Structures Single Out Micro-Captives

In IR-2015-19, the IRS explained that 831(b) micro-captives may be considered abusive tax structures and outlined determining criteria.
February 06, 2015 Read More
WCF Medical Stop Loss Panel

Medical Stop Loss in Captives

Placing medical stop loss coverage in a captive insurance company can provide substantial savings to employers.
February 06, 2015 Read More

Reinsurance Markets, Captives, and Generative Thinking

Over the last month Captive Wire and Captive.com have highlighted a series of headlines suggesting that the fundamentals underlying the global reinsurance market are changing. John Foehl, coeditor of Captive.com and Captive Wire, suggests generative thinking is one means of considering what these changes mean for captives.
September 25, 2014 Read More

Underwriting Note: Another State Invalidates Caps on Some Punitive Damages

Last week a 7-0 Missouri Supreme Court decision invalidated the state cap on some punitive damages. The supreme court restored the judgment of a lower court because the plaintiff had filed a claim as a common law fraud, which existed in Missouri since the first state constitution was written.
September 17, 2014 Read More

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Offshore Captives Using Protected Cell Captives for Fund Structures

Guernsey Flag 
An article on hedgeweek.com yesterday points to a unique use of protected cell captives in Guernsey. The author, Joe Truelove of the Carey Group, points to the use of protected cells for fund and non-fund structures, including umbrella funds of private wealth management, investment managers offering a series of differing strategies, and co-investment vehicles for private equity or real estate transactions. The opportunities and variations seem limitless.
February 27, 2015 Read More

Texas Captive Insurance Scene Is Becoming Lively

TxCIA Conference 2015 
The second annual meeting of the Texas Captive Insurance Association (TxCIA) in Austin sported a lively group of active captive practitioners, captive owners, and prospective captive owners. Approximately 110 people attended, which was approximately the same as last year. TxCIA representatives were pleased with this attendance level and delighted that 55 people attended the optional “Captives 101 Workshop,” since their goal was to have at least 10 people attend it.
February 27, 2015 Read More

Guy Carpenter Releases 2014 Global Catastrophe Review

hurricane catastrophe 
Guy Carpenter released its annual "Global Catastrophe Review" on Wednesday, saying the very quiet 2014 CAT season totaled only $33 billion. This figure is down slightly from 2013 at $40 billion, giving the reinsurance industry a respite from the heavy losses in 2011. The report further breaks down the catastrophes in each of the populated continents.
February 26, 2015 Read More

Is Proposed Tennessee Law the Future of Workers Compensation?

Disability Insurance 
Proposed legislation in Tennessee would allow certain qualified employers to provide injury coverage to employees through a self-funded benefit plan instead of purchasing coverage through the commercial insurance market.
February 25, 2015 Read More

Drone Liability: A Future Captive Coverage?

Field trees clouds 
As commercial use of drones grows, so does interest in whether drone liability and/or property damage will be a future captive coverage. How the government decides to regulate drones is an important step in answering this question.
February 24, 2015 Read More

Group Medical Stop Loss Captive Achieves Savings

Higher Education 
Looking for a solution to the high cost of health insurance? Here is a brief description of how a group of New England higher-education institutions developed an innovative approach and achieved savings.
February 23, 2015 Read More

Delaware Captive Domicile Update

Karen Weldin Stewart 
The Delaware Department of Insurance issued a press release outlining its success in 2014. Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart stated, “I am very pleased that the captive program continues to grow. This program provides economic opportunities for my constituents and much needed revenue for the state.”
February 20, 2015 Read More

Glossarisk App Provides Easy Access to Glossary of Insurance and Risk Management Terms

How many times have you as a captive board member, executive, or manager wished you had access to an insurance or risk management term? International Risk Management Institute, Inc. (IRMI), Captive.com’s owner, has developed an application for your Android or Apple device. The application is called Glossarisk. It provides definitions of more than 5,000 insurance terms, abbreviations, and acronyms.
February 19, 2015 Read More

Captives Are a Legitimate Tax Structure—Are They Dirty?

Ron Walling 
Whether captive insurers are making 831(b) elections as "dirty" as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) thinks is the issue Robert J. Walling III, principal at Pinnacle Actuarial Resources, Inc., addressed in a recent blog post. It is reprinted here with permission.
February 18, 2015 Read More